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What Role Do Markets Play In Society? Money can buy food, dresses, heels and gorgeous weddings. However, what can’t be bought by money? The answer to this question would be health, confidence, ability, love and a lot of other things we have for our own that can’t be valued by money. To me, money is a thing. It is something that we can change for the stuff we want with. In the society now, it’s like everything can be valued by money. People with money can even buy position, children and women. Without knowing it, the society seems like being drifted from a market economy to a market society. Nevertheless, is it non-dangerous for a market economy changing to a market society?…show more content…
Plus, we can’t value human beings in an appropriate way is because people are worth being treated with dignity and respect, instead of being treated as commodities (Sandel, 2012, 9). Second of all, let’s consider queue. Paying to be head of the queue would be inequality for the market society. “As the New York Daily News reported, this predicament gave rise to a cottage industry-people offering to wait in line to secure tickets for those willing to pay for the convenience” (Sandel, 2012, 21). Nowadays, because people are too busy, they don’t want to line up for tickets. Some of them would rather pay 1,000 dollars, more or less, for people to line up for them. It’s their right to use their money on where they want to spend it. But I don’t think it’s moral for the society. The society should be fair for everybody. It shouldn’t just be convenience for people who have money. Nobody enjoys lining up. If the society has to decide a way for people to get into the head of the line, it should figure out a way fair for everybody instead of people who have money. For example, a fair way for everybody to line up would be that people call to order a position in the line, but they need to get there on time. If they don’t, they need to line up again. Third of all, let’s consider saving people. It would be
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