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School Nurse Spending two days shadowing a school nurse was a wonderful experience. I had the pleasure of doing my school nurse rotation at Fox Creek Junior High School. I never realized how difficult and overwhelming it could be to be a school nurse. Ms. Bodauine was the nurse I got to shadow. She spent her day doing paperwork, helping the sick and injured, and doing vision and hearing screenings. There were several kids who came in throughout the day, approximately twenty-one per day that was either sick or injured. Upon each kids visit, I had the opportunity to observe, assess, and communicate with them. I was able to observe behaviors of some children showing Industry vs. Inferiority, according to Erickson. I also observed…show more content…
Children that experienced real health care needs were, the ones that came in with swollen tonsils, fevers, bloody noses, visible cuts and scrapes on elbows and knees, and a kid complaining of chest pain that was diaphoretic and dizzy. A couple kids used manipulative behavior to go home and a couple used it to spend the hour in the nurse’s office to miss class. One student stated that she had a headache and stomach ache and wanted to go home. She stated the pain had been going on for two days. When asking if she wanted Tylenol for the headache and crackers for the stomachache she said no she just wanted to go home. Ms. Boudauine did a very good job at handling this situation. She explained to the girl how important it was to go to class, but if she really weren’t feeling well she would call her mother to come pick her up. Ms. Boudauine was very caring and considerate toward the girl. The girl ended up going home, but while waiting for her mother to arrive she sat in the nurse’s office doing homework and chatting with all the other students that came in. It just didn’t seem as if she was really sick. The next day Ms. Bodauine was informed by the girls’ teacher that she missed class, because she didn’t do her homework. Ms. Bodauine was very caring toward
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