science of catapults

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The ABMAMACAW Catapult Catapults were first made to hurdle cats (on a more serious note). There are many different types of catapults, such as the mangonel catapult. The mangonel catapult which our catapult is based on was created in 400 B.C. by the Romans. The mangonel was created like the Greek ballista but was smaller and mobile. Our catapult was based on some aspects of the mangonel. In the following I will talk about the process and materials used to make it and the science of the catapult.
Some of the materials we used are:
Wood- for the structure of the catapult
Bungee Cords- to give the arm a bounce so when the ball is released it would go far
Spray Paint- to give a base of color to the
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As the ball is being pulled down by the pull of gravity of the earth the potential energy is now converted into kinetic energy. It is not really converted because even though at its peak it had potential energy it was still in motion meaning it still had kinetic energy. The ball is now falling. When the ball has no more vertical momentum it is pulled down to the ground by gravity. When the ball hits the ground some of the kinetic energy is converted into sound energy then back to kinetic energy. The ball is now bouncing. When the ball is at its peak it has potential and kinetic energy. The ball keeps bouncing and transforming energy until it finally comes to a stop.
Our Catapult is also a first class lever. As you can see in this illustration, the ball is the load, the fulcrum is where the pipe is connected to the center block of wood and the input force is the bungee cords. A first class lever has the fulcrum between the input and the output force. I said earlier the bungee cords have potential energy. When the pipe is released the force of the bungee cords pulls the bottom of the pipe towards the person holding the pipe in this case Maria). This is a fist class because when you apply a force to one side (bungee cords) the other force exerts that force but in the opposite direction (ball being shot).
As we worked through our construction and testing phase, we found our original design of a 5’ by 7’ size would
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