scientific study religion in society

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1. Explain how this course is an example of the scientific study religion in society.
This course can be seen as an example of a scientific study of religion due to the fact that throughout this course we have examined the study of religion as social scientists examining different aspects of culture value and beliefs. The critical analysis of different religions within society is an objective scientific study that provides insight onto other cultures globally.

2. Apply Chidester’s theory that pop culture can do the work of religion (from the “Church of Baseball” chapter) and explain how we could theorize a “Church of the iPhone” using specific examples.
Chidester’s theory that popular culture can do the work of religion can be applied
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For many Canadians, hockey is more than just a sport; it is a way of life. One main ceremony that unites Canadians and mobilizes them in pursuit of common goals could be the Olympic hockey games. This is a time where Canadians gather and cheer for our country to win gold. Although many Canadians have different views on the best NHL team, one thing most Canadians can agree on is the support of the Canadian Hockey Team.

9. Deepa Mehta is critical of popular culture that represents India as either a begging bowl or spiritual wonderland, yet some critics have said that she does the same thing in her films. From what you know of her films, in what ways could Mehta be seen as guilty of representing only a begging bowl or spiritual wonderland version of India?

Deepa Mehta’s films show India the way she believes depicts the true India, and not the India that westerners believe is a begging bowl or a spiritual wonderland. Although she attempts to create films that do not show India for those two conceptions, in her films it is clear that these conceptions are somewhat relevant in India. Although her films show these aspects, she does not dwell on them as negatives or conclude that this is all India has to offer, as some films that are westernized tend to do.

10. According to our course, how can mega-churches be theorized as both authentic and inauthentic religion?
Mega churches can be theorized as inauthentic religion as many people believe that by commodifying the
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