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1. Explain how the benefits of virtualization would impact the city of Sea breeze.
Virtualization is the base for the information technology of enterprise in sea breeze city. This technology is related with the VMware and the other VMM developers. There are many benefits that would impacts the sea breeze city:
Server consolidation: this is not unusual to attain the 10:1 virtual to physical machine consolidation. It means that the ten applications of server could be run on the single machine that is needed as many physical computers to give the single operating system and the environments of technical specification in order to differentiate. The utilization of the server is optimized and the heritage software could be maintaining the old
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(Wendt, 2013) ii. Need for the multiple storage protocols of networking to economically consolidate the VMs: “the enterprise are continuously look to consolidate VMs while use the more economical and the effective storage protocols of networking available for every application to access the backend system of storage” (Wendt, 2013). The systems that support the simultaneous mix of the networking protocols of storage give the enterprises the best chance to attain that objective. iii. Storage allocation/reallocation made even more complicated: once the VM is attached to the system of storage, the system needs to give the agility to add, remove and re-appropriate storage ad desirable without needing the great deal of time to complete these tasks. (Wendt, 2013) iv. Visibility inside the array of storage: as the virtualization in server deployments increase, knowing what data of application exist where inside the array of storage becomes more complicated prevent the potential performance disadvantages when they happen.
v. Effectively managed the growth of storage: large number of VMs means large data is to be stored with the new performance needs. “However the capacity of scaling

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