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Physical Security
August 12, 2013

Physical Security

It is important for all organizations to have physical security. Physical security protects the organization in every way. Every individual needs to be aware of the importance of physical security. Not only is important for the individual to be aware of the importance physical security has in an organization but to be able to understand how physical security works within the organization. In this paper the writer will be describing the core concepts of physical security. Additionally the writer would be writing about the security assessments. Last the writing would be writing about the basic physical controls.
The physical security is when security involves
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The basic physical control is the implementation of security measures in a defined structure used to deter or prevent unauthorized access to sensitive material ("1.2.1. Physical Controls", n.d.). Also physical controls are safeguards to avoid and minimize any security risk the organization have that involving computer software or even personal property. Some examples of physical control are fences, security guards, access cards, surveillance cameras, biometrics and locks. Cameras are very important in an organization. Depending on governing law and the prevailing corporate culture, many companies have policies which prohibit the taking of pictures on the premises (Seese, 2009). Organization prohibits the taking of pictures on the premises because when an individual is taking pictures he or she might be planning on doing harm to the organization. He or she might want to rob the organization and wants to know how the organization layout looks like from the inside and the outside. Another reason why taking pictures is prohibited in organization is because the individual could learn where the surveillance cameras are located, individual could even take pictures with his or her cell phone, that is why in some organization there is security walking around to prevent any picture to be taken. There are different kinds of biometrics technologies. One category is physiological and another category is

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