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Race is an ambiguous concept possessed by individuals, and according to sociologists Michael Omi and Howard Winant, it is socially constructed; it also signifies differences and structure inequalities. Race divides people through categories which led to cultural and social tensions. It also determined inclusion, exclusion, and segregation in U.S society. Both inclusion and exclusion tie together to create the overall process of segregation — one notion cannot occur without resulting in the others. Segregation is a form of separation in terms of race that includes the processes of inclusion and exclusion. Race was the main factor that caused conflicts among people in society in the realms of culture, education, and residential. Historians,…show more content…
Whites, or Anglos referred to by Menchaca and Valencia, viewed themselves as racially and intellectually superior to Mexicans. Therefore, Anglo and Mexican students were not allowed to mix even in an educational environment. Anglos controlled who were able to attend school with them and excluded those who were not considered smart based on their inclusive beliefs of a superior race. Tests and I.Q scores were used to justify segregation of these students and that led to unequal educational opportunities for Chicano students. (223) Exclusion of young students started out at an early period of time which affected their interactions - Anglos formulated barriers to divide themselves and include only their own people. As more students were segregated in schools based on Anglos' belief in racial superiority, that led to Francis Galton's movement of eugenics to not only exclude minorities who were considered inferior, but to exterminate them to form the perfect breed. Segregation was believed to be the only method to maintain the pure white race; Anglos considered themselves to be exclusive because they were God's "chosen people.” They used the argument of what God would have wanted and that was to ban "the intermingling of the superior and inferior races" to exclude Mexicans from churches. (226) Another justification Anglos used to argue that

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