self assessement Essay

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1.1 Introduction
1.2 Definition of human behavior
1.3 The importance of understanding human behavior to an organization
1.4 The importance of understanding human behavior by leaders
1.5 Leadership self-evaluation/self-assessment
1.6 The benefits of self- assessment/self-evaluation to leaders today.

Organisations are made up of people and people are a huge asset to any organization. To be more successful in achieving their goal and objectives; organisations needs to have an understanding about their human assets, their behavior, tendencies, best practice etc..” Leadership is the ability of one person to influence
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Deeper understanding provides more options, give one more potential tools, and frankly, makes one a powerful leader (Stephen P Robbins & Timothy A Judge, Organizational Behavior -15th Editions). This is a trait of level 5 leadership.
“Understanding the behavior of followers will assist leaders in putting together teams to manage projects and it will also assist in assigning task to employees in a way that will put to efficient use each member’s strength rather than their weakness “ (
Attempting to influencing individuals without understanding why they behave the way they do, might yield random or unpredictable effect and this will lead to leaders being unsuccessful as followers will be alienated; whereas understanding the personalities of subordinates and superiors informs leaders as to others expectations and provides insights into motivation, competitiveness and interpersonal relationships and communication.
As leaders the ability to influence people has to be continuously improved; and the first step in achieving that will be by knowing yourself and gaining understanding of your leadership style, skills, traits, competencies, abilities, personality type and experience. According to Kevin Sharer of AMGEN CEO and president, “Leadership has many voices. You need to be who you are, not to emulate someone else.”
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