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1. What happened to Claire Lewis?
She had a surgery to remove tumor at Hamilton General Hospital. Then she was transferred to McMaster University Medical Center to recover. However, that time to transfer her between hospital, her medical records did not go with her. MUMC`s staff did not know what drug she had gotten and how much, she was misdiagnosed with diabetes insipidus. As a result, her brain stem was crushed by excessive fluid and she was brain dead.
2. What factors led up to Claire`s death?
When she transfers to MUMC, her records did not go with her and MUMC`s misdiagnosis kill her.
3. What role did poor documentation or poor record-keeping play in Claire`s death?
When a patient
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8. (9Does anything in this story shock or surprise you?
I shock about behavior of MUMC`s staff. If I were the doctor, I would not misdiagnose. And I would call to HGH to get her prescription.
9. (10)What does this case teach us documentation in health care?
In health care, we should make note of patient`s condition on his chart well. Furthermore, we should keep the patient`s documentation with the patient.

Case 2
1. What happened to Juliano Pariselli?
Juliano was given 12miligrams of morphine instead of codeine before undergoing surgery to repair a hernia.
2. What role did documentation errors and omissions play in this case?
There were not any errors and omissions by the doctor, but there were omission and delay recording patient`s state. The nurse had to write baby`s medical chart right away.
3. Were any of these errors preventable? If so, how?
I think that these errors could not be preventable. If nurse give patient wrong drug, the nurse just should do disclose and explain that events.
4. How did the hospital respond to the situation?
At the hospital, an inquest followed and that implemented procedures is for preventing such medication errors again.
5. How did the family respond to the situation?
The family was not satisfied the hospital records and said they could not live without their baby and they will experience
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