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There is a long tradition of anti-Semitism in Europe: It has its roots in religion - in the assertion that the Jews murdered Jesus. The most notorious anti-Semitic practices in the 19thc were the 'pogroms ' in Russia. It also stems from cultural differences - by culture, by religion, by rituals and dress. In the 19thc Jews became prominent in the professions and active in industry and commerce - this often led to envy and criticism. At the same time, Jews became increasingly associated with liberalism, radicalism, socialism and communism - the idea took root in anti-Semitic circles that to do away with Jews would also do away with capitalism and socialism. The Nazis and race theory: Central to Nazi thinking was the belief in the…show more content…
However, in 1936, the Jews lost the right to vote. They had to wear the yellow Star of David. Many Jewish firms had remained in business, but in 1937 a series of decrees ‘Aryanised’ Jewish businesses when Jews were forced to sell or liquidate their businesses at ridiculous prices. In 1938 Jews were barred from law, business and medicine. Kristallnacht, 1938: The persecution culminated in Kristallnacht (Broken-glass night). Goebbels had ordered this in reprisal for a Jewish attack on a German embassy official in Paris. More than 8,000 Jewish homes and shops were attacked. 100 Jews were killed and 20,000 arrested. Goering blamed the Jews for the violence and they were fined one billion Reichmarks. Many Jews, including Albert Einstein, emigrated at this time. The world was shocked and so were many Germans who could not speak out openly. Exodus: About one half of the 500,000 German and the 200,000 Austrian Jews contrived to emigrate; they lost about 30 - 50% of their capital on doing so. The UK had no quota system and took about 80,000 Jews, but there was resistance and later the British government limited the numbers able to go to Palestine. Other countries were also hostile to immigration Europe under Nazi occupation: It was the German takeover of areas in the east of Europe as well as countries in Western Europe that encouraged the Nazis to think in more radical terms. There was a plan
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