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1. Using the example of a bank, give examples of information systems for each of the four levels of scope shown in Figure 7-1. Describe three workgroup information systems that are likely to duplicate data. Explain how the characteristics of information systems in Figure 7-1 relate to your examples.

In the example of a bank, personal, workgroup, enterprise, and inter-enterprise information system are personal email of a single employee (for example, Customer service system, Audi online webpage, and AUB cashier’s office and Audi Bank relatively. The three workgroups are the customer service, accounting, and sales department. They all share common information of customers such as customer’s name, age, account ID …etc.
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For example, the customer service would have client’s name, age, address, year of birth and birthday, nationality. Accounting would have client’s name, account number, transaction history as well as balance amount. As for the sales/marketing department would have client’s name, age, profession, and interest for their marketing purposes. These three silos are likely to cause data duplication and inconsistencies, and as well as lack of integrated information. All of these problems will lead to an increase expenses.

3. Using your answer to question 2, describe an enterprise information system that will eliminate the silos. Would the implementation of your system require process reengineering? Explain why or why not.

An enterprise information system that would eliminate these silos and their problems would be one that would connect all systems together. This system is ERP(Enterprise Resources Planning) and implementing this system requires business reengineering because a change to the entire system must be done and it is done through business reengineering.
4. Is the information system you proposed in your answer to question 3 an application of CRM, ERP, or EAI? If so, which one and why? If not, explain why not.

The information system I proposed in question #3 is an ERP(Enterprise Resources Planning). I proposed this system because this system collects all the informations in one and single database where
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