should illegal immigrants be made legal citizens?

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A persons family or Family background can help determine one’s identity. Where you come from or who you’re raised by can help determine your identity in society. There are many other things that can help influence your identity, but your family’s background is one of the main ways and this is evident In “Public and Private Language” by Richard Rodriquez. Depending on what background you’re from your identity will automatically be determined. There are many different factors in this idea that play a vital part however. For example if you come from an Asian background people will automatically identify you as a math wizard or if you are from a Latino background that you should automatically understand Spanish. This is basically the…show more content…
What I mean by this is if your parents, siblings, and other family members all went to college then you will be identified as an individual that will most likely go to college because of the environment you are growing up in and are exposed to. I feel like this will inevitably influence you to go to college. On the other hand if no one went to college in your family you will be identified as an individual that will most likely not go to college due to the fact no one in your household went. Of course there are situations in which this theory is proven not true but unfortunately this is what you will be identified as. A person’s identity may be determined by him/her family background and this is proven evident in the essay “Private and Public Language” by Rodriguez. We live in a world in which identities are determined prematurely without hesitation. This means that even without getting to know an individuals personality the first thing that is done instead is determining identities based on your physical state, family, or family background. As a culture we live in a diverse environment in which the majority of people come from a different place, and as a result many are identified differently depending on where he/she and their family are from. Today’s culture is more diverse than ever, and more and more people are migrating to different countries and settling so I feel like it
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