should same sex marriage be legalized in hk?

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In 2013, there are 0.7 percent of all population in the world is homosexuality. ( Posner, 2013 ). There also are many protest demonstration to raise public awareness about against discrimination in homosexuality or fight for legal homosexual marriage. Getting raised, the homosexual marriage is a controversial topic to the society. The essay argues that homosexual marriage is not legal in traditional culture and economic aspect. A focus will be placed on the normal family and same sex family
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Through this scheme, it may help the economy but it do raise another impacts which may unstabilize the society, such as the quality migrant may enhance the cultural difference.

To sum up, same sex marriage has destroyed the traditional system of marriage. This cannot be solved by adopting children, in addition, homosexual parents may lead the negative impacts to their adopted child and may affect their childhood. Furthermore, labour force will be lowered if same sex marriage be legalized since the amount of offspring are lowered cause the rate of traditional marriages decreased. With less amount of labour force in the society, the productivity may also decreased. Consequently, same sex marriage should not be legalized in Hong Kong.

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