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27. Kinds of epithet. Structural typesof epithets.
EPITHET – an stylistic device emphasizing some quality of a person, thing\idea. Function – characterization, very subjective and evaluative. Shouldn’t be confused with logical attributes. (wooden table, wooden face, grey sky – steel sky.) Epithets are said to create an image, there is a certain mood attributed, while logical attribute give characteristic properties of an object or a theme.
Fixed epithet(stable) – they become fixed through long. (красна девица, диво дивное, a fair lady, true love, green wood).
Structurally epithets can be of different kinds: 1. As single epithet=> adj+noun (angry sky, dead silence); 2. In pairs (a tired old town); 3. In strings, chains (in the cold grey
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The purpose of stylistics is to improve and normalize the language (normative stylistics), the second purpose is to help better understanding, mainly in works of art. Stylistics is connected with other branches of linguistics. But it is not equal to linguistics science, such as phonetics, linguistics disciplines – lexicology, morphology, syntax because they are level disciplines as they treat only one linguistic level and stylistics investigates the questions on all the levels and different aspects of the texts in general. It is connected with grammar.The norm is a sum of rules of what to choose among units of the language and how to use them. The literary norm defines what is correct and what is incorrect. It recommends some language units as acceptable. The norm changes slowly with the history. The notion of the norm is connected with the notion of neutrality.
20. Irony.
20. Irony - an implied discrepancy between what is said and what is meant. The essence of irony consists in the foregrounding not of the logical but of the evaluative meaning. The context is arranged so that the qualifying word in irony reverses the
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