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Shrek The GRRR-eatest Farytale Never told!!!

Finally, a 'family film' you can sink your teeth into. Based on a William Steig’s book about a green ogre. This computer animated film is aimed at children as well as adults. And what a excellent story line.
The theme of the film is comedy. The general message was that it does not matter if your pretty or ugly looking. It matters what’s in the inside not the outside.
When it comes to computer-generated motion pictures, Shrek has once more raised the bar - and this one was already at an excitingly high level in the wake of Toy Story 2 and Dinosaur. Yet Shrek outshines them both, boasting the most impressive detail and most amazingly rendered creatures of any motion picture in its
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Shrek is a kind person in this film. His kind as well as sweet and has a secret crush on Princess Fiona. In Shrek, he is ugly and no one likes him. That’s a variation from “Austin Powers. In addition, I think that Princesses Fiona was a good part for Cameron Diaz because it reflects her personality and is similar to Cameron Diaz. Also, Donkey was a good part for Eddie Murphy. He is a loveable donkey with a big heart. He just doesn’t stop telling jokes. I personally think the main reason why the film was funny was because of Eddie Murphy. I think that Donkey was a good part for Eddie Murphy because I think Eddie Murphy is a really funny man and made the film funny. Lord Farquaad (Played by John Lithgow) is a mean and cruel king. But his not king yet. He has to marry a princess before he can be crowned a king.
I believe that the director did a good job in this film. In addition showed his true ability as a director. The film showed attractive techniques such as “Bullet Time” this was also used in “The Matrix” (1999) The soundtrack was excellent because it helped to create atmospheric feelings to the film.
Personally, I enjoyed the film very much. It was predictable but I still enjoyed it. Also, I enjoyed the storyline. There are not many bad points to say about this film apart from when Donkey Sang an out of tune song at the end, its was like the song had been thrown into the film and makes no sense what so ever, but apart from
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