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Running head: How Philosophy and physiology have influenced early psychological thought. The Influences of early psychological though of Physiology and philosophy Cleo Jones History of Psychology Abstract Physiology is a branch of biology that deals with life and living matter according to (Webster Merriam) Physiology is the processes and function of all or part of an organ. According to (Webster) Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and language.The influences of philosophy and physiology are discover by ancient Greeks such as Aristotle and Plato. In the seventeenth century, Rene Descartes suggested the concept of dualism in…show more content…
One of Descartes major contribution in philosophy is how the mind theories body works. This contribution was a very important development of modern psychology. The mind and body problem was a big issue for many years. Descartes use question to decide how to solve his theory of mind and body. For example are the mind and body the mental work and the material world from each other? Descartes discover that the body and mind is one view and is related in the same way that a puppet and its puppeteer are joined. The mind is like the puppeteer, pulling on a strings of the body. He also states that the mind influenced the body. Another contribution of Descartes is Mechanical body operates in ways that can be expected or anticipated as long as the inputs are known. The Theory of reflex action and the doctrine of innate ideal are contribution of Descartes. The doctrine of innate ideas is important because it inspired opposition among early empiricists and association such as John Locke, among later empiricists such as Hermann von Helmholtz and Wilhelm Wundt. He is also honor for birth of geometry and conducted the study of in optics, astronomy and medicine. The two most important philosophical works of Rene Descartes are conducting the reason and seeking truth in the sciences in and the existence of god between soul and body of man. Rene Descartes was against scholasticism.
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