slavery and its sectional issues

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DBQ # 6 Slavery and Sectional Attitudes
One effect on the issue was that the economy in the south was fueled by cultivation of staple crops that required slaves for labor. In the South slavery wasn’t thought as an evil as in the North because to the Southerners defense the slaves in their opinion were treaty in contrast to workers in England and peasants that were Irish, also the end of slave trade brought higher value to the slaves causing their owners to be less harsh because they were more valuable. Although slavery fueled the economy in the South it was not the same in the North therefore there was no complete dire need for slavery, and although the slaves probably weren’t treated as bad as the north had thought they still saw it as
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Owners or bounty hunters that tore up their papers gave the people no proof. Therefore they were able to go to Free states and bring back a free African American and claim them as slaves.
Document G, is a catechism for slaves, speaking on how slaves should behave, using God. This catechism made sure that slaves knew that they should be obedient and work for Gods will. It made it as though God gave them the privilege of having a master or mistress and that all this was in the bible. Document H, is a poster of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the slave laws that allowed bounty hunters to hunt slaves in the north along with criminalizing those that hid or support slaves in any manner brought the issue of slavery to a far greater public in the north. This exposure to the slave issue and the many instances of violence greatly angered the northern population. Those that did not care about slavery did care about armed gangs marauding over the country side. Some instances became very bloody. There was an instance in which a town refused to release a freed slave in to the hands of bounty hunters and federal Marshall had to be brought in to escort the now free slave and the bounty hunters back south. There were bounty hunters that were killed by anger mobs and people that were beaten, tortured, and killed by bounty hunters. They were bounty hunters that killed other bounty hunters to make off with their captured
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