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Contrasting Treatment of Slaves in Beloved

Slavery has always been a known as a relationship of one person entirely under the domination of another person. One of the horrific instances of slavery took place in the Americas between the 15th and 19th centuries. During this time Europeans living in the New World enslaved Blacks from Africa. The White European enslaved many Blacks from Africa, but the degree that each master treated his slaves was different. This contrasting treatment of Slaves is portrayed in Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved. The two masters in the book; Mr. Garner and Schoolteacher treat the same slaves very differently. Mr. Garner gives his slaves as much freedom as he sees fit. Conversely, Schoolteacher
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On occasions he would fight other Slave owners who didn’t agree with his tactics or opinions on how to manage Slaves. Does a good owner treat his slaves a certain way just for the satisfaction of mocking a neighbor? This is why, Mr. Garner was wrong in the way he treated his slaves. He didn’t treat his slaves humanely because it was right, he did it for the objective of provoking his associates into thinking he is a better man. Although his slaves thought they were treated as free men it was really a false impression. The fact is that his slaves were confined to the property that Mr. Garner owned. Many of the Slaves never saw the river that laid only a few yards behind the property they were restricted to. What kind of freedom imprisons you to such a small area? Mr. Garner gave his slaves “the privilege not of working but deciding how to” (p.125). What Morrison is stating is that although Mr. Garner did provide his Slaves with the freedom to chose how to work, he still made them work. The act of making another man work, is not a behavior that is associated with freedom. When someone lacks freedom he also lacks identity and that is what Mr. Garners slaves were denied.

Schoolteacher was the next master of “Sweet Home”. He took over after the death of Mr. Garner. Schoolteacher ruled his slaves with Machiavellian tactics. He viewed his slaves as animals. On one occasion Schoolteacher told his pupils to write about the
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