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On March 1, 2005, I went to the 3rd District Matheson Court House in the down town area and sat in on a few small claims court cases. I wanted to do this because I had never been to an actual court proceeding and I have been interested in seeing one live instead of on television. I am going to write about the three different cases that I sat in on, what the conflict was, what the outcome was and what I learned from each one.
     The Plaintiff’s name in this first case was Watt. His case was that he subleased a vehicle to Kapone and Kapone had breached their contract by not making payments for vehicle which ultimately affects watts credit. Watt also filed crimal charges against Kapone for harassment and
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He claimed that they had allowed their daughters friend to move into their house after she had been kicked out of hers. She was eighteen and had no where to stay so they let her move in for 300.00 a month. She was there for six months and never paid any rent. Shivers wants six months of rent and court costs. The Defendant’s name was Bradley and was not present but had friend, the Shivers daughter testify that the agreement had been made. The judge ruled in favor of Shivers for the amount of $2,100.00.
The Shiver’s wanted to not only help their daughter but her friend too. In this situation they agreed to let her live there even though they charged. ( I fell this is odd, due to the fact that it was there daughters friend and they were still going to charge her 300.00 a month). Irregardless she did agree to pay and never did. Im sure agreed knowing that if she didn’t she might have no where to stay.

Then plaintiff in this case was Summerhays Music. They had agreed upon a rental of a saxophone that fell delinquent in March of 1999 and was still unpaid through June of 2001. The cost of the rental was 40.22 per month plus the accrued interest. Summerhays wants to be paid for the rental which came to $1,366.00 and $300.00 in interest. The total cost is $1,707.87. The defendant, Mescer did not show up to court, but had signed the original contract for the rental of the saxophone. The judge ruled in favor of Summerhays music for the
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