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Elias Guadeloupe Mr. Mammen English 101 17 November 2013 Is Social Media helping or hurting our society? Throughout history, people have improved the way communication and human interaction can be made. From writing letters, to talking on the telephone, to texting and sending emails, the way we exchange information is always being improved upon. Social media is now the most popular way of communication. It is a means of exchange in which people form and share info and ideas in virtual communities and networks. It can be accessed by the devices that people deem necessary and hard to live without like cellphones, computers, tablets, televisions, and even game consoles. There is an unlimited amount of things that you can do on social…show more content…
There have been even worse consequences that came due to the change of a status. One month before the Brady incident, a man by the name of Edward Richardson reportedly killed his wife with a knife because she changed her relationship from married to single (Kiesbye, 1). Harmful and sometimes fatal arguments and disagreements can occur on social media easily. Some of them occur between mutual friends, and family, while other disputes are between complete strangers. Most of these virtual confrontations are petty and not worth all the stress and drama. These social media sites can also be distracting and can stray a person off their intended motive. It is not rare that school students often wander away from their homework assignments, just so they can see the picture their friends put on Instagram or sneak in a quick game of World of Warcraft. When this happens, their grades are in jeopardy of going down and they could encounter inappropriate and corruptive websites. The positive thing that social media brings these people are the quick sharing of useful information. Students can send each other the work that they need instantly. It also gives them more feedback and an increased amount of informational sources. Another good thing about social media is that you can easily keep up and remain in touch with your friends. You can see their pictures, videos, recent experiences, and have a quick conversation with them. Some people play it
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