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Social Polarization in Latin America and the Carribean
Social polarisation is the widening gap within a given society that emerges from income disparities within individuals causing various social groups, from high income to low income. It entails the expansion of jobs that require low skills while at the same time, jobs that require higher professionals and expertise still experience growth. There is a rising concern on issues of social polarisation and cohesion that stem from the observation that in many countries, societies maybe separating out into different groups. That concern is quite relevant in the Carribean and in Latin America, a region that records high levels of inequality and an
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Rents have also gone up, and those residents who cannot keep up with the high rates move out of the favelas. The current socioeconomic disparities in Brazil, that of wide income levels between the rich and the poor, encourages the rapid growth of favelas. For instance, in Rio de Janeiro, political prisoners who have a good educational background remain in prison with drug dealers permitting them to create a criminal network that has excellent organizational structures. The syndicate that results, Commando Vermehlo, cunningly plans to expand social programs in the favelas using the proceeds of cocaine sales. By helping many of the poor favela residents, they gain a lot of support, which makes it challenging for the police subject the culprits to legal prosecution. Due to a rise in arrests by the police, the Commando Vermehlo came to a standstill and the favelas remained under the control of different drug dealers. Income disparities among residents living in favelas also encourage the trade of drugs since it is more profitable than honest labor. The rich also fuel conflicts in favelas by purchasing drugs and failing to push for changes that could improve the living standards in the favelas.
What is the "pacification project"? Why is the Brazilian government doing this? (4 points)

The pacification project is a government project that aims at liberating slum dwellers that live in Rio by replacing the notorious drug gangs with a
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