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Pearson BTEC Level 4 HND Diploma In Health and Social Care
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Unit 7: Social Policy

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Christine Pratt

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Learning outcome Assessment criteria LO1

Understand the significant historical and contemporary landmarks in social welfare provision 1.1

Understand the origins of social policies


Analyse the processes involved in the development of a key Act of Parliament


evaluate different influences on the development of social policy, including ideologies analyse how
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Included are historical, conceptual, political, regional, national and other agents of social change. Their effect on welfare provision will be explored. The unit may encompass a variety of health and social care sectors in the United Kingdom.
Analysis of welfare policy ‘landmark’ provision will enable learners to evaluate sufficiency and deficiency in provision. Tracing developments from the period prior to
1945 to the present, learners will be able to compare and contrast major competing perspectives. Reviewing a selection of national models of provision will allow for consideration of some alternative perceptions and deliveries of welfare services. Key contemporary issues for policy makers, welfare recipients, providers and all stakeholders will be examined.

Task 1 (LO1: 1.2, 1.2, and M1,M2,M3,D2 )

Explore the historical and contemporary landmarks in social welfare provision in the
UK and analyse how the quality of life for the service users have improved over time.
Critically examine the past and current social policies related to the health and

welfare needs of the population of United Kingdom during the period of political changes and transition during and after the World War 2.

Task 2 (LO2: 2.1, 2.2 and M1,M2,M3,D2 )
(a) Discuss the process involved in developing key Health and Social Policy legalisation. You need to critically analyse the influential factors which shapes the key themes and concepts in a
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