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Social Research Methods Sahar Thariani
Paper II Section 01

Introduction and Data Source
Attending college is slowly changing from what was once considered a rare opportunity to a staple part of what constitutes an education today. As the number of colleges has also inflated, and means of
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Once having earned a university degree, one may demand a higher salary, and having been brought up in richer homes, individuals may also feel more pressured by family to attend an institute of higher education in order to earn more. Hence, my primary independent variable affecting education levels is median household income. While I believe that income will have a strong impact on education, as a higher income should result in higher education, there may be other independent variables that affect education levels. One of these test variables is race. Through this analysis I want to assess the role of race where higher education is concerned. As a third variable, this will help determine if being White-American can actually increase ones chances of attending college. Lastly, I hypothesize that households that have relatively more access to the Internet should have higher levels of education. People with Internet are automatically exposed to boundless information, and may take up virtual classes. Also, people with Internet access must have a higher median household income than people without Internet access, and the reasons behind a higher household income affecting education will then apply. In addition to this, having the Internet may expose people more to the importance of education and its availability, and ultimately boost education levels.
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