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discuss the attributional and interactional approches to caste. caste” has been widely used to describe ranked groups within rigid systems of social stratification and especially those which constitute the society of Hindu India. the attributional approach to caste deals with its inherent qualities and features that identifies the whole caste system. hence every caste share these attributes as a part of their identity. attributional approach also tells us about the major features of the cates system and thus provides a analytical view relative to other forms of social stratification. as we know that caste system maintain hirarchiacal order that is each caste is seperated from the other in terms of its ranking . this ranking was…show more content…
higher caste had the maximum possesion of land and received service from the lower class who had very less property. the untouchables were usually landless. . during the british colonial period, the strong grip of caste system started getting loose with the introduction of cash crops and also many land reform policies that was introduced to work in favor of the british. these reforms consequentely gave rise to a different class structure in the agragrian society. the zamindars now had full ownership right on the land whereas the peasants who had been actually cultivating the land became tenants of the new landlords. the changes led to indebtness among the peasants and the moneylenders and big landowners became the dominant class. after independence, the government made land reforms to favor the peasants who were actuall tiller of the land. to some extend it abolished the the zamindars and intermediatery landlords . reforms like the green revolutions, CDP and the co operatives made agriculture largely commercial which opened avenues for not only big land owning peasants but also to lower category of peasants who had small pieces of land and who worked for other cultivators. agragrian class structure thus now can be classified into 4-5 levels :- 1. big landlords, who owned large holdings of land who made the farm worked like a modern industry. 2. Big farmers have land holding from 15-50 acres they either work for their own farms or
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