sociology chapter 4 outline

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Chapter – 4 Section – 1 importance of socialization 1. Socialization and personality a. Socialization – the process of learning to participate in a group a.i. Social life is being learned a.ii. Begins at birth and ends at death a.iii. Most important learning occurs at the beginning of life 2. How do we know socialization is important a. Compare socialized infants with isolated infants b. Experiments have been done with monkeys 3. How do monks react to social behavior? a. Harry Harlow – surrogate mother experiment pg.111 must read and notes contact and comfort b. Isolated monkey become distressed, apathetic, and withdrawn c. Can we generalize from monkeys to humans c.i. Risky but possible c.ii. Babies denied close contact…show more content…
For the first time relationships with other care givers is impersonal a. Rewards and punishments are based on performance rather than affection b. Schools create a feeling of loyalty to something beyond family 2. Underlying the formal goals of school is the hidden curriculum a. The informal curriculum teaches discipline order cooperation and conformity b. Schools teach time management Peer groups 1. Only agent not controlled by adults a. A child belongs to several peer groups 2. Develop give and take relationships a. Independence from adults is promoted b. Development of self-expression c. Peer groups have more influence than family – children Mass media 1. Display role models for children to imitate 2. What about violence in mass media? a. By age 16 they will have seen 20,000 homicides on TV b. Studies show aggressive programs increase aggression in children Section 4 DE socialization and socialization 1. How does delocalization prepare for new learning? 2. People give up old norms, values and behaviors a. Total institutions – places in which people are separated from the rest of society 3. Accomplished in many ways: a. Replacing personal possessions with standard – issue items b. Use of serial numbers to ID people c. Loss of privacy d. Denied the use of given names 4. How does socialization begin? a. Once the self-concept has been broken down people adapt
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