sociology in religion

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A Critical Analysis of Putnam, Robert D., and David E. Campbell. American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2010. Print, pp 1-246

In a renowned examination to approach religion as a sociological study, respected scholars Robert D. Putnam and David E. Campbell trek through the social history of our nation over the past few decades and the affects that have consequently—or thankfully—been left on religious institutions. While the authors explore detailed cultural developments, America’s religiosity and diversity is examined through comprehensive surveys and empirical analysis. As Putnam and Campbell search to uncover the relationship between sociological developments and religious institutions, a
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As society began to expand under this foundation, women became increasingly more respected and their presence was accepted into various social realms that previously were not inviting for women. On the list of newly acceptable places for women to thrive is the workplace, which is another affect of the rise of women in religion according to our authors. Putnam and Campbell claim that these are interrelated because it was a social change that happened simultaneously, but the authors continue by giving little example to what sort of revolutionary changes happened to women inside of the churches. This brings the validity of their conclusion regarding cultural development and religion to question: did the authors uncover correlation, or are they over generalizing causation for the sake of the argument? Other experts have questioned the correlation as well, as Wallstreet journalist Wilfred McClay goes it say: “In matters of sexuality, they offer a surprisingly crude formulation that reflects the authors ' rather coercive brand of moderation: The polarization of the past five decades on sexual matters has come about because "libertines and prudes have successively provoked one another." If only the sensible, nonextremist folks had been
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