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To Kill a Mockingbird Socratic Seminar On the upcoming block day we will have a Socratic Seminar in which we discuss the chapters in To Kill a Mockingbird that deal with Tom Robinson’s trial and its aftermath. Your assignment is to prepare for the seminar ahead of time, participate in the seminar and capture the main ideas of the discussion in your notes. A Socratic Seminar is a formal discussion, named after the famous Greek philosopher, Socrates, who literally gave his life for his belief in the power of provoking people to uncover the deeper meanings of important topics. The purpose of our dialogue is to build understanding together of the text we are reading, using the process of rigorous and thoughtful dialogue. In a Socratic…show more content…
Remind students that they need to take notes during the seminar of important ideas shared. An addition responsibility of the outer circle is to notice what is going on in terms of discussion—does everyone participate? Do people seem to listen to each other? Ask clarifying questions? For inside circle, look at the person on your right (don’t include me). You will be giving this person feedback as a participant at the end of the discussion. Keep track of the number of times this person speaks during the discussion and which skills he/she exhibits. Opening question: who was responsible for Tom Robinson’s death? Additional questions to spur dialogue: Why did the Ewell’s make the accusation in the first place? How does Mayella’s sexual abuse impact her testimony? How does Mayella’s sexual abuse impact your feelings about her culpability? Does it mitigate culpability? Will anyone marry Mayella? What creates a Bob Ewell? Go back to preparation questions Other ways to keep the discussion interesting: Stop for a few minutes once in awhile if necessary to take a text check break so that students can look for evidence. Periodic check ins. What have you heard that has been particularly interesting? A go-round or
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