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Info 6027 Case Study Project One Softbank – theft of consumer data for extortion Please read the report published by the IAPP in the journal Privacy Advisor. Organisations do not normally volunteer any information about any sort of security breach unless they are compelled in some way. The incident described is no exception, it concerned Yahoo! BB and Softbank BB. Softbank of Japan offered broadband internet services across Japan through two subsidiaries – Yahoo! BB and Softbank BB. In February 2004, the bank announced that the security of 4.5 million customer records had been compromised: data from both subsidiaries had been illegally copied and disseminated. The leaked details included customer names, home phone numbers,…show more content…
In this example, the threat was to reduce the value of an organisation by revealing information that should have been a well-kept secret. Not only did it cost the company a substantial sum in compensation but it also affected its reputation. 11/07/2013 Info 6027 Case Study print this page Japanese Court Orders Payment of 6,000 Yen to Each Plaintiff in Connection with Yahoo! BB Personal Data Leak inShare August 1, 2006 Jay Ponazecki, Saori Horikawa On May 19, 2006, the Osaka District Court issued a decision awarding 6,000 yen (approximately $54) to each of the plaintiffs, a small group of subscribers of the Yahoo!BB broadband Internet service, who sued for compensation for the emotional distress that they suffered in connection with the massive security breach that occurred in early 2004. In this incident, a former temporary employee at Softbank BB gave partners a user name and password he had been using when he was working for Softbank BB to access the company computer systems remotely, and the personal information of at least 4.6 million customers of the Yahoo!BB service was accessed and used in an effort to extort approximately 2 billion yen from Softbank. This case is the first private lawsuit to be filed in connection with this incident. Claims for 100,000 yen (approximately $893) for each plaintiff were made against BB Technology (formerly Softbank BB Corp.) and Yahoo! Japan, but the claim against Yahoo! Japan was rejected,
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