solar energy Essay

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Solar Energy

All life on Earth depends on energy from the sun. Solar energy is the source of

energy for photosynthesis. It provides the warmth necessary for plants and animals to

survive. Scientists have found a way to use God’s natural light towards the advantage

of our daily lives. The affects of this idea revolutionary, results of solar power could

lead to a more modernized society and efficient economy.

Solar energy is a term that usually means the direct use of sunlight to produce

heat or electric power. Solar technology is improving rapidly. Someday, it may

provide a clean and abundant source of power. Solar energy is a very useful resource.

Today 80% of the energy we use comes from fossil fuels and about 1% comes
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Scientists have developed a

way to convert the energy absorbed by the sun in the daylight to a rechargeable

battery when night falls. So when the sun shines the next morning, it is a recycling


However, even though solar power has its advantages, some scientists argue

it’s Disadvantages. The sun's energy is plentiful, but it is thinly distributed over a

large area and must be collected and concentrated to produce usable power. As a

result, solar energy is a more expensive power source than fossil fuels for most

applications. On the other even though it may be more expensive its well worth it.

Deaths caused by sicknesses such as lung failure can quickly be cut in half. For, most

of the time people develop bad lungs by breathing in the pollutants lingering in the air

produced by cars, buses, and other types of automobiles. Solutions such as

carpooling were developed in order to decreased the amount driving cars but it

seemed ineffective. Solar power seems to be the only real logical solution. Picture

highway of automobiles in motion without inhaling any type of harmful chemical in

your body.

Ever since the dawn of time, the sun has been a resource we cannot live or do

without, so its not such a shock that man has come up with the idea of solar energy .

The ideas of solar energy dangerous and some, a very valuable asset

to the modern world. However, I feel that solar power is a great idea, by using

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