sonny's blues

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Sonny 's blues is a fictional story and a first person narrative written by James Baldwin . The main point of this story is how drugs affects Sonny 's life,and how the narrator feels about it . I believe the moral of this story is people deal with struggles in everyday life and people deal with their struggles in their own way .The narrator is not only sonny’s brother he is also someone trying to undersatnd his brother . Learning more about sonny meant he would be able to understand him and why Sonny chose drugs to escape his pain and struggles. Reading this text I have realized that drugs can and will have a big effect on a persons life mentally physically and spiritually.It is actually depressing to see what…show more content…
When the narrator seen his brother in jail he could not help but bail him out . He gave sonny the benefit of the doubt .He did not think sonny would still be taking drugs till that one night he walked past sonnys room and found something he did not expect to be in there . when sonny came home he sat him down to speak to him. Instead of the narrator doing all the speaking sonny did . Sonny finally felt love .Someone important to him finally listened to him . The narrator says to his self , “ I realize with this mocking look that there stood between us , forever, beyond the power of time or forgiveness,the fact that I had held silence so long ! when he had needed human speech to help him “ p.19. He began to slowly understand sonny . Sonny was alone with no ome speak why he was hurting . this conversation brought the brothers closer ,and the relationship became stronger then before . Both brothers went to a night club downtown where sonny was going to play . As sonny began to play his instrument the narrator began to see everything . he lfelt his brothers pain .Sonnys words explained his whole life and his hiddend feelings that brother could not see.Not too many people understood Sonny and his actions.According to him drugs and music understood him . when Sonnys brother was not around to love him after their mother passed away music and drugs were their for sonny when he was in nee of comfort and
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