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History of Special Needs Provision in Ireland
The history of education for children with special needs in Ireland has been one of neglect and exclusion until there was a change in attitudes and policies. The government had no need for policies regarding education and care of children with additional needs because they were carried out by religious orders. Many children were sent away to hospitals, homes and even asylums. They were hidden away from society. There were three stages in relation to the education and care of children with additional needs.
Era of Neglect and Denial
The era of neglect and denial was when the government thought children with special needs didn’t need to be educated and were seen as a medical problem. The
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The Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs Act 2004
This Act was passed to ensure that all people with special educational needs can be educated in an inclusive environment where this is possible. They have the same rights to education as a person who does not have special educational needs. They have the right to the equipment they need in order to participate and continue with their education.
The Board of Management needs to provide information to the parents and others relating to the education of the child. They need to ensure the progress of the child is monitored and reviewed regularly. To review the resources that are needed to help and provide education to children with special needs. They need to ensure that the needs of the child are being met and that a plan is put in place specifically for each child.
“This Act was passed in June, 2004. The Act makes provision for the education of people with special educational needs, to provide that education wherever possible, in an inclusive environment with those who do not have such needs” (www.asti.ie, Accessed 10 March 2014)

Special Needs Conditions
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
ADHD is a common behavioural disorder that affects school age children and is more common in boys.
Signs and Symptoms
There are three major symptoms of ADHD inattentiveness, hyperactivity and
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