spoken language

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Transcript one: Me: Yoo wagone Fats, you aight? Fats: Yeye, you? Where’s Fabz? Me: Oh erm nah I dunno where she’s at man, I think she stayed at home instead yanoe Fats: Oh is it? (2) Maan! Me: Trust her to not come into school you know, aah man Fats: Just watch when she gets to school tomorrow. Gonna make sure she’s sorry. Thanz: (Enters) Hellooo babesh, youse lot aight… Me: … (Cuts through) heyoo “BABESH” lawls Thanz: allow me doe, oh yeah err where’s flabzilla at maan? Me: she’s at erm wotsits… Fats: … (cuts through) at home probs watching tv and yeah, you know eating oreos and that. Err man Me: HEEEEY! Oreos are ber nice you know, gosh! Thanz: Oh anyways guys, I gotta go do my French…show more content…
When Miss Falcom asks to talk to Lucas, she doesn’t really expect him to reply as this is a rhetorical question. She knows whether he likes it or not the boy will have to speak to her. This is because Miss Falcom has more authority and power as she is his teacher. Lucas is aware of the authority which Miss Falcom holds as he also calls her by her second name instead of her first compared to how she called him over by his first name. By calling her ‘miss’ it shows he has respect for her. If Lucas was talking to his friends, he wouldn’t take much notice of how he spoke to them however as this is a person with higher authority than himself, he has to be careful in what he says as it could get him into trouble. When Miss Falcom asks Lucas ‘Be honest, and tell me what was going on between the girls at lunch?’ Lucas replies with ‘Uh, I danoe miss (pause) They were uhrm fighting.’ He pauses in the middle of the sentence and also uses fillers which suggest he may have been trying to hide the truth. This may be because he knows he will get into trouble therefore to avoid It, he is trying to play innocent. Lucas replies to Miss Falcom with short responses which show’s he does not want to co-operate. After miss falcom asks several
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