staphylococcus aureus

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This paper explores the study of an unknown bacterial culture. The bacterium were randomly assigned in a double blinded fashion to alleviate scientific or experimental error in determining their gram stain, morphology, arrangement, and scientific classification. There were eight unknown bacterial cultures given, with the unknown bacterial culture being one of the eight bacterial cultures. A myriad of tests and experiments were performed on the unknown bacteria in order to be able to properly classify it. One of the first experiments that was performed was the gram stain. It was determined to be gram positive. The arrangement of the unknown bacteria was also noted on the gram positive slide. The slide showed grape like
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A urea hydrolysis test was performed. A nitrate reduction was performed. The bacterial unknown was grown on Kigler 's iron agar media, MSA media, soy agar media, PEA agar media, EMB media, and SIM medium media. A gram stain was performed. A methyl red test was performed. A Voges-Proskauer test was performed. A citrate test was performed. A motility test was performed. A gelatin hydrolysis test was performed. A liquid broth agar was cultured to determine if there was use of oxygen.
After the multitude of tests performed, it was determined that the bacterial unknown was Staphylococcus aureus. The gram stain slide was positive. The morphology and arrangement was grape like cocci clusters. On the glucose fermentation test the bacterial unknown tested positive for acid and negative for gas. The oxidase test was negative. The bacterial unknown tested positive for catalase. In the litmus milk medium a K or alkaline reaction was observed. It tested negative for urea hydrolysis. The bacterial unknown tested positive for nitrite. On the Kigler 's iron agar media it tested negative for gas, positive for glucose, positive for lactose, and negative for hydrogen sulfide. On the SIM medium media it tested negative for indole, negative for hydrogen sulfide, and negative for motility. The bacterial unknown tested negative for methyl red. It tested negative for Voges-Proskauer. It tested negative for citrate. It tested
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