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Introduction about Starbucks

I knew about this company a long time ago but I just have drunk a kind Starbucks coffee once time last year when my sister bought it for me from American and I can’t forgot the taste of it. Starbucks is a famous brand of coffee and I understand why. That is the reason I decide to analyze this company- as a successful sample of marketing
Starbucks Corporation is an American global coffee company based in Seattle, Washington. As you know Seattle is a beautiful and romantic city, in the north of American. This is still a starting business where created the famous Starbucks coffee brand around the world-a largest coffee company in the world with 20,366 stores in
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Adjacent table at the corner of gallery is a homeless drink coffee in freedom and happy about what he have. In the distance is one student who tired because of waiting for a long time in the line but she still wait because she knows that it’s worth. Manager of Starbucks understand what customers want and they always try to make survey online in own website.

4. Public Starbucks spent less money for advertising and develop brand name by word of mouth, encourage customer to share their feeling and recommend to another. This way is not new but very effective in modern life, Starbucks keep pace with mystarbucksidea, facebook, twitter, youtube… It has more than 27 million fans on Facebook and around 2 million followers in Twitter along with a constant status each day. This is a dream number of lots of master when they want to approach customer by social media and network. Starbucks.
May be you didn’t know about a special image which Starbucks are trying to build: “ There are 3 constant destination in your life: home, office and Starbucks”
Only with the key word “Starbucks”, you can search innumerable magazine, analysis report and document wrote about it from different place in the world. From professors to a normal guy who unintentional taste the flavor of Starbucks and can’t forget it.
5. Competitors
Starbucks competitors used to be other specialty coffee shops, like Caribou Coffee, and local coffee shops. But the expansion of McDonald
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