stock split effect on price and volume

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1.1 company background
1.2 management
1.3 promter&cmd
1.4 mission
1.5 vision
1.6 development
1.7 to Organisoon
1.8 to Myself

1.1 Company Background :

R K Global was incorporated in year 1995 at New Delhi under the dynamic leadership of Shri Ramesh Kumar Bhagchandka, son of late Shri Lakhi Prasad Bhagchandka, a Bhagchandka group initiative. In 2007, R K Global shifted its registered office to Mumbai in Maharashtra.

R K Global in the initial years engaged itself in steady services of access to the equity market to Bhagchandka Group Companies and associates. In the later years it diversified its business in the areas of Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Currency, Depository,
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He was a true believer in value for money for all and made sure he came up with new innovative schemes and offers to benefit clients. He made sure that his legacy of competitive and quality broking services is offered along with top class customer service as he was a firm believer inmoney.

"The Team of R K Global will always miss him in person and will try to fulfil the dreams he had seen for R K Global”- Amit Bhagchandka (Group CEO of R K Global)

“R K Global has been very dear to him and will always try to bring his dreams come true through the best possible resources” – Jai KishanBhagchandka (Group Vice President of R K Global)

1.3 Promoter& CMD:

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Bhagchandka: A graduate from Kolkata University, from early days he accompanied his father and elder brothers in family business. He has acquired a rich experience in customer service, as in his early days he looked after the families Liaison division in the Export and Import Licenses business. He was also one of the first few importers of Fax Machines in India in the late 1980’s and had set them up at reputed government installations.

Mr. Bhagchandka also has vast experience in financial consultancy. He has been associated with stock market for over 30 years. Initially, Mr. Bhagchandka was a regular investor in stock markets and was in it for personal wealth creation only. He saw tremendous growth prospect in stock market post
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