stop and frisk

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We live in world where police officers are suppose to be protected and help us out when needed. The reality of it is police officers are out here on the beat violating are constitutional rights. Stop and frisk was to help fight crime on the streets but all it caused was racial profiling by officers everyday for the last twelve years. Stop and frisk has been used and abused and young adults are afraid to leave their house because they know they will be harassed for no good reason. Stop and frisk has caused a war between the officers and people no one feels confortable going up to an officer for help because of pervious encounters because of stop and frisks. Why has this been going on for so long and when will it change? The meaning of…show more content…
Mayor de Blasio goal when he came into office was to stop the racial profiling that has been overused to the young adults in are neighborhoods. The underlying message of the article is “ paying the way to a reduction in racial profiling, a greater guarantee of equal treatment under the law, and better relations between police and the community, this move offers a guide to other cities across the nation committed to ensuring safety, justice and fairness for all cities.” (Goodman 2014) The evidence that backs up this racial profiling claim is static from the nation urban league. “From 2002 to 2011, black and Latino residents made up close to 90 percent of people stopped, and about 88 percent of stops more than 3.8 million were innocent New Yorkers.” The bias of the author is against stop and frisk. This will affect the perspective of the article because it will show all the flaws in the NYPD. This article showed me that when you have people who care you could make a change in the world. The mayor has stop and frisk in new york and he has only been In office for a few months. The statics in this article shocked me because why are so many young adults of color are being stop just because they are walking down the street. We should be able to feel safe and protected not harassed and be judge by the

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