story of a suicide Essay

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Essay Assignment – Social Media

We recently read two articles “The Story of a Suicide” by Ian Parker and “Trial by Twitter” by Ariel Levy. They have their point of views and different perspective on the social media. Although they express both positive and negative aspect, we wonder if in fact the social media takes a toll on the way society is lived today. We have to ask ourselves is “real world engagement”1 the thing of the past? Can the social media be used as an outlook for those who are socially awkward? The article that was written by Ian Parker was based on a student named Taylor Clementi, Which was exposed to a cruel and immature act by his roommate Ravi Dharun. We are aware of the outcome of Clementi case as it was
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Dharun wanted that popularity, we realize that now it doesn’t matter how many people you physically surround yourself with but also how many people are “following” you in the social media world. I believe in Dharun case he was looking for attention using social media to promote his actions, but we fail to realize where the fine line is crossed when it comes to privacy, When is it okay to share a simple photo or a video. Is there such a thing as privacy or is it only an illusion? Privacy is no longer just being behind closed door but now what is advertised for everyone to see on your social media sites, Nowadays anything can be posted on your twitter, facebook, instagram etc. without ones consent but we have to know where we draw the line. In many instances we have to remember there’s more to the world then just being online and living behind a computer. Not to loose ourselves in the social media and be able to comprehend what we express on there may come back to hurt us in the future. Although the social media has its negative effects it can be useful if it’s done responsibly. In the articles written by Ariel Levy we get a positive outlook on the social media, where a young women was intoxicated and raped by a football team in Steubenville, Ohio. She was degraded and exposed on a social media websites twitter, facebook, and youtube, If it wasn’t for Goddard a blogger that found the photos which was posted on website it would have never been publicized the way it
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