strategic management

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Executive summary: The purpose of my assignment has been done in terms of strategic analysis, its formulation and implementation of Ryanair organization. The assignment is developed by three parts which includes variety of questions in the each part.
Firstly, The part one is mostly focused on strategic analysis and its related questions has been given. Also, each question is answered that relevant to current strategy of Ryanair organization. And this part included internal environment and external environment of Raynair company. Second, The second part basically concentrated on strategic formulation. Also this part provide strategic management process. And each question answered that relevant to current strategy of Raynair company.
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The four key parts area unit scenario analysis, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy analysis. By addressing each element of the process in the order listed, companies can evaluate and re-evaluate situations as they develop, always checking to be sure the company has positioned itself optimally in the business environment ( FRED R.DAVID, 2007)
Also, strategic decision making carried out through the process of strategic management. Like the other terms in business policy, strategic management has also been defined and interpreted differently by various author. There are also differences of opinion regarding the phases of the strategic management process and the elements they contain. These authors include 3 sub processes overall strategic management process. Through the strategy scenario analysis, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy analysis ( Azhar Kozami, 2005).
We have identified three ongoing processes- analyses, decisions, and actions- that are central to strategic management. In practice, these three processes – often referred to as strategy analysis, strategy formulation, and strategy implementation – are highly interdependent and do not take place one after the other in a sequential fashion in most companies.
The Board of Ryanair is answerable for the administration, vital bearing and by and large administration of the Group. The Board 's essential center is on
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