strategic management process

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Pop Zenovia Cristiana, Borza Anca
Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration,
“Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Abstract: For developing economies the development of enterprises should be a

strategic goal, this way of thinking may become viable only as a result of a combination of judicious analysis based on specific local economic aspects and a set of actions to correct any slippage or amplify existing development trends taken by the managers. A better leadership would unequivocally lead to a better strategy but sometimes the lack of information, first about the external
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Passing to a new phase, the second one, is called forecast-based planning
(Istocescu, 2005:66), the managers relied on the budgets from different years and on the environment analysis to achieve allotting the resources. The economic forecast from the 60s was on short-term, the planning within the enterprise being formal; it desired diversification and synergy achievement by creating special departments for planning (Grant, 2010:17). The planning horizon is this time longer, namely from three to five years because the managers already take into consideration projects that last more than a year (Wheelen & Hunger, 2010:5).

Figure 1: The evolution of strategic management

Source: Grant, 2010:17


In the third phase the planning is the outcome of more careful analysis of competitive environment and was as a response to the speed-up in technical changes and different circumstantial cycles, the implementation and control being considered as subsidiary activities (Peitsch, 2005:48). At the same time the different strategic alternatives are taken into consideration, they were emphasized by the achievement of strategic portfolio, of PIMS analysis that was aimed at evaluating the changes that appeared in competitive position of the
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