strategic marketing management

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The Alpha Company Limited started its business with manufacturing purified drinking water at the year of establishment, 2000. In year 2003, it expended the business with manufacturing soft drink. Since it had gained high market acceptance for its product and in turn high return on capital, board of director of Alpha decided to add new product line of alcoholic beverages into business in year 2007. Board of directors decided to continue their Alpha by restructuring with three managerial levels. The top level is corporate level to oversee and take responsibilities for the entire company. At the middle level, the three separate strategic business units (SBUs) were formed to undertake separate product lines and services; one
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Market Opportunity Analysis
Environmental Analysis
Customer Analysis
Marketing Research and Forecasting
Formulating Strategic marketing Program
Specifying Marketing Objectives (Sales Volume, Market Share, Profitability)
Marketing Strategies
Marketing Program/Marketing Mix (4Ps) Implementation and Control of Marketing Program
Managers must design a strategy to fit the company’s existing resources, competencies, and procedures – or try to construct new structures and systems to fit the chosen strategy. (FROM SLDES)
1.3 The links between strategic marketing and corporate strategy Corporate strategy involves working in an industry and striving to make more money, usually by retaining customers and gaining new customers from competitors.
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