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Cerebral vascular accident or a stroke is the destruction of brain substance, resulting from thrombosis, intracranial hemorrhage, or embolism, which causes vascular insufficiency. In addition, it is an area of the brain denied blood and oxygen that is required and damage is done to a part of the cells. The effect of the patient depends upon where the damage occurs and the severity of the stroke.
Each year alone about 150,000 people in America die from a stroke or are seriously disabled. Stroke is among the top five causes of death. It generally happens very suddenly and it can take up to five to seven days to completely effect the patient. Depending on how many of the brain cells die during the stroke, and
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After this progress starts to slow down, professionals can estimate how much progress the patient will be likely to make.
If doctors agree that a stroke has taken place, they may do other tests to determine where the stroke occurred, how large of an area is damaged, and how the blood flow with in the brain has been effected; they do this by taking a CAT scan. They may also take an ECG to determine if there is any heart disease that may have caused the stroke. In addition, they take tests to see if the patient has high blood pressure or they may test the arteries themselves because this is a major cause of stroke in most people. Catheterization, injecting dye into the arteries, and blood tests are the most common tests done. A high glucose level in the blood may reveal diabetes and high blood fats indicate thickened red blood and arteriosclerosis. There may also be a high level of red blood cells, changing the consistency of the blood. These conditions must be treated to prevent further strokes.
The most common causes of strokes are thrombosis. This is when a clot forms in one of the arteries, mostly in the carotid in the neck and the vertebral artery. The blood is thick and moves very slowly through the artery. The thrombus will form on the damaged area of the artery wall and will cut off the flow of blood to the brain. The area of the artery that is damaged is cause by arteriosclerosis. This form of
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