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IS3110 Unit 1 Roles Scenario Mike Edmondson, Bruno Rodriguez 9/23/2014 1. Identify Threats to the seven domains of IT within the organization. USER DOMAIN: sharing passwords. Not protecting your computer properly or sharing access with other individuals will allow threats from a user end. Workstation Domain: if computer has not been updated with latest upgrades, patches or antivirus. LAN domain: network has not secured with appropriate access controls, hubs must be upgraded with switches. And have limited access to switches or network controls. LAN-WAN Domain: if users are allowed to visit malicious websites they can accidentally download software WAN Domain: Dos attacks and DDos attacks uploads done to the…show more content…
Threat / Vulnerabilities Action to be taken Competition getting access to the Proprietary management program through the shared T-1 line provided by ISP Look into making sure that no other company is sharing the T-1 line that is provided by ISP; YeildMore could buy additional lines and better firewall protection protocols VPN attack from outside sources by way of home connections from individual salespersons Require the individual sales people to use the same security protocols that the company uses: provide secure laptops for the VPN connection Attackers could use vulnerabilities in the Windows Vista platform and current LAN setup Upgrade all workstations, switches, routers and software to current industry standards Attack on the applications server Upgrade all servers at the main HQ. Make sure that the firewall and security protocols for the LAN are updated and has redundancy protections to access the WAN 4. Estimate the likelihood of each threat action. The likelihood of an attack on the proprietary information for this company is a HIGH IMPACT that could happen, this due to the fact that the T-1 line is most likely shared by other companies that use the same ISP. The likelihood of a breach by VPN is also a HIGH IMPACT area. This is due to the fact that the individual salespersons are using their own equipment and their own home networks. The likelihood of an attack or breach dealing with the current infrastructure of the company’s
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