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Marriage isn’t an invention of man. God instituted marriage as a continuation of His work of creation. According to Gods plan, man and woman together, form the unit of humanity. A man or a woman alone is only a half of an entirety. Sadly society is steadfastly moving away from moral purity; due to lack of tradition and morality, which should have been instilled throughout each generation, but instead being persuaded into doing things that it believes is the correct thing to do in its eyes. Such act of moral deterioration is the increase in denial of the necessity and relevance of marriage. Today’s society believes that marriage is only a piece of paper, a private agreement between
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Supporting Detail 2: Children are a great concern for the church. Numerous studies have shown the importance for a child’s development to have both a dad and a mom.
Evidence: In a 1995 Supreme Court of Canada decision known as Egan, Justice LA Forest observed that the family unit based on father, mother and child “is the only unit in society that expends resources to care for children on a routine and sustained basis.”
Supporting Detail 3: Married mothers and fathers living under the same roof are more likely to provide a more stable and secure environment for children to flourish in.
Evidence: Natural family structures benefit nearly every aspect of children’s well-being, including greater educational opportunities, better emotional and physical health, less substance abuse, lower incidences of early sexual activity for girls, and less delinquency for boys.
Clincher: Marriage is a virtually universal human institution. In all the wildly rich and various cultures in society after society, whether tribal or complex, humans have systems where they partake in public union between men and women that entail well-defined responsibilities of mothers and fathers.

Topic Sentence: Traditional marriage helps to ensure the very sanctity of the spouse to spouse relationship.
Supporting Detail 1 : Redefining marriage based upon adults’ sexual preferences and choice of life-styles would
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