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07/7/13 BA 18 Robert C. Schamlle Homework 3 I. Frigaliment Importing Co. V. B.N.S International Sales Textbook P. 117 Facts Frigaliment Importing and B.N.S Corporation came into agreement that B.N.S will provide chickens for sale to Frigaliment. The contract contained two separate shipments in which each shipment contained different weighted chicken. Frigaliment received the first shipment and noticed that the heavier chickens were older chicken that were meant for stewing not frying. Frigaliment immediately sto24pped the second shipment and sued that they did not provide the right type of chicken in which they were asking for young chickens. B.N.S (the defendant) states that chicken can mean anything as long as they are in the same…show more content…
For example, we have the right to privacy. Natural law is based on a higher authority and having a basic sense of right and wrong. The rights are god given American rights that no one can take away. No law can contradict the basic values given by god. 2. Subject matter is the broader question of who has the jurisdiction over the matter. Such as, would it be appropriate to file a family law case at the federal level vs. filing at state court. Personal Jurisdiction has a narrower question as to which federal court or state court has jurisdiction over the party. III. Case Problem and Writing Assignment Issues Does the granite producer from Washington have a claim under the Dormant Commerce Clause Rule Regulation of commerce is allowed if it pursues a legitimate end, rationally related to that end if it doesnt disrupt interstate commerce. Analysis Given the provided information, the city of Fresberg is trying to boost the productivity of the granite industry within its city limits. This is in good intention with the citys economy in mind but it fails to notice that it affects interstate commerce. The Washington contractor and those soon to follow cannot do business in the State of Confusion because of this. Under the Dormant Commerce Clause the city cannot impose any ordinance that affects the interstate commerce. What is advised is that Fresberg should take of the portion that limits
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