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Much of what we know about the world, beyond our immediate experience, comes to us through the media. Media studies gives us the tools to respond thoughtfully and critically to media content, and recognise media productions as deliberate constructions rather than windows on reality.
The ‘mediated’ society in which we live, is heavily shaped by the transfer of information. Many of our values, our ideas, and our knowledge of the world come from beyond our individual daily or immediate experience, usually via the media.
They play a vital role in democracy, shaping citizens\\' understanding of social and political issues and functioning as gatekeepers through which issues, and events must be passed. By studying the media, and understanding
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Finally, to understand the importance of the media in our everyday world, we have to recognise that first and foremost, media companies and organisations exist to make a profit. Films and newspapers are not produced purely to entertain and inform us, they are made because the media corporations know that they will make large amounts of money. In addition to this, complex interrelationships are developing among many major media players to the extent that competitors in one market are often partners in another.
This can be illustrated by the relationships among Telstra, Publishing and Broadcasting Limited and News Corporation Limited, whose core Australian businesses in the past have been telecommunications, television and magazines, and newspapers respectively. While coming from different backgrounds, these three organisations are now partners in the supply of subscription television services to Australia.
Media studies presents us with the opportunity to develop life skills which will enable us to analyse, comprehend, and act in response to increasingly complex media technologies. The idea that the modern mass media are worth critical attention has never been the exclusive property of any one academic tradition. Media studies is a relatively new academic discipline and as such, it draws the ideas and approaches it uses from many different sources.
In schools, media studies is often linked to
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