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Dear Editor,
I’m a regular newspaper reader. Recently I stumbled upon Jeremy Clarkson’s article about tigers. Upon reading it I discovered that I strongly disagree with some of his ideas and points of view and the way in which he writes them. On a personal level I am also fond of these wild animals, which gives me reasons to criticise this article. I can understand that it is difficult to find a rather engaging topic for the readers, especially for the younger audiences. However, this article crosses all of the delicate boundaries that a newspaper is expected to adhere to. It is clear to me, and I am sure to many of your other loyal readers, that the author expresses his views in an offensive way and belittles this sensitive issue
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It should be concerning all countries. However, from the opening line Jeremy Clarkson places blame mostly with particular countries i.e. China without a reasonable cause; ‘As the population of China becomes more wealthy’. Clarkson also suggests that it is generally thought that traditional Chinese medicine involves killing tigers ‘600million Chinese people believe...will cure any number of ailments’. Even if this is so, why doesn’t he admit the Chinese also contribute significantly to wildlife conservation? Or that this is a decreasing problem?

Mr. Clarkson also writes; ‘Apart from for a few impotent middle-class Chinamen, the extinction makes not the slightest bit of difference if Johnny tiger dies out’.
The author makes his feelings crystal clear, and it is a sad state of affairs if he is correct. Clarkson makes extinction seem unimportant. He implies that it is not even our concern; ‘I have never seen any number of creatures that I know to exist. So why should I care if my children never see a tiger?’. Here I disagree entirely. If we let all creatures die, who would maintain the essential balance that our planet so badly needs? Personally I do not have an answer. Probably Jeremy Clarkson with ‘his despicable article’ knows... He also mentions that the tigers provide business opportunities; “demand for illegal tiger parts is booming”. However, I understand that poor communities might feel the need to hunt as the way

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