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Sindhi Women By (Jan Stallworthy) Bare foot, through the bazaar, And with the same undulant grace As the cloth blown back from her face, She glides with a stone jar, High on her head And not a ripple in her tread. Watching her cross erect Stones, garbage, excrement and crumbs Of glass in the Karachi slums, I, with my stoop, reflect: They stand most straight Who learn to walk beneath a weight. Introduction of poem: “Sindhi Woman” by Jon Stallworthy is the poet’s description of a Sindhi woman and his appreciation for the way she endures the hardships and boundations of the conservative societies such as the Middle-East, and India. The poet has described the…show more content…
In other words, it deals with the systematic formation, structure and punctuation in the sentence. Graphological Feature: In this poem poet uses full stop (.) two times at the end of both sestets. It means that one line ends at end of one stanza. Poet uses comas (,) in most of times and also uses hyphen (:) in second stanza. Lexical features: Noun Verb Adjective Foot Walk Bare bazar Stand High Grace Stoop Most Cloth Reflect beneath Face Watching Stone Cross Jar Erect Head Tread High Ripple Ripple Glide Garbage Blown Excrement through Glass Karachi slums weight Total=16 Total=12 Total=4 Analysis Conclusion: A Sindh Woman by Jan Stallworthy consists of two sestet stanzas and having rhyme scheme “abbacc” in first and “cddcff” in second stanza both are same. The vocabulary of poem is not too much difficult. It is easily understandable. Poet uses beautiful rhyme scheme and stress, unstress pattern which causes unique rhythm in poem. Poet uses rich amount of nouns in poem. In semantic deviations poet talk the current situation of Karachi and showing the picture of its streets as well as the duty of Sindhi women. There is a Urdu word “bazaar” poet uses once. Findings: The poem sindhi woman describes the condition of Karachi streets and duty of Sindhi women. StallWorthy points out which kind of things she has to move

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