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My IN-Depth Summaries of Warriors Don't Cry Chapter 1 Summary In this chapter, we learn some basic things about the main character, Melba, and we know that she is born on December 7th, 1941. Melba's birth was a complicated one, but she eventually made a full recovery and on top of all of that, Melba also had to go through the harsh reality of segregation when she was five years old. Chapter 2 Summary In this chapter, the local newspapers talk about the Brown Vs. Board Of Education case, which was sent to the Supreme Court, but soon her teacher dismisses Melba’s class early, and the teacher told them to walk in groups and to hurry. They begin to enter a persimmon field soon, and soon a man starts chasing Melba down, and…show more content…
A woman called Melba a nigger. The teacher soon starts with class. The same woman called Melba a nigger again. Soon Melba meets Mrs. Pickwick. Somebody asks what they are going to do about the nigger children. Soon they start speeding to get away from the people calling them niggers. Melba continues listening to the newscast that is currently happening. Soon the phone started ringing off the hook with angry calls from people. The chapter ends with an angry, mad mob in front of Central High. Chapter 8 Summary In this chapter, Grandma and Melba ate dinner in front of the TV so that they could listen about what the current United States President, which at the time was Dwight D Eisenhower. Melba and grandmother are listening to what President Eisenhower thought about all of this fight about the current state of the United States, specifically what was going on in 1957 in the Southern US. It suddenly became very silent in Melba’s town, and almost no noise was made. Soon, at a ridiculous hour of the night, there was a knock on the door. Somebody said to let Melba go back to school, with protection. A lot of reporters were hanging from trees, really struggling to find out more about the current situation that was happening. Melba and her friends were a half-hour late to school, when they were ordered to move out of the way. Melba quickly began to feel both proud and sad at the same time. Soon, Principal Mr. Matthows greeted the children, including Melba. Things

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