summer farm analysis

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. In the first line, we see the first literary device in the poem, a simile, of which the simile is followed by an oxymoron “Straws like tame lightnings”. Alternatively, the use of the strange description can be used in correlation with the strange world he is depicting in the depths of his mind, as one often has strange thoughts and weird interpretations of the world that are often unexpressed in society. However, when he is in his own mind, what is there from keeping his expressions unexpressed? “Green as glass”. Yet another surreal simile that we see, yet we find this to be amazingly true. This demonstrates the wonderfully intelligent mind of the poet in the sense that he not only sees, but observes the things that are in his…show more content…
The fact that the chicken only has one eye can also mean that the author has a part of him that is irrational, that only looks with one eye and fails to see with the other. He therefore only has a one-sided view of things. Still, he gropes around in the nothingness, trying to find inspiration. He therefore finds something, but fails to analyse it deeply and thus has no meaning. It is finally here that the author is mentioned. “I lie, not thinking, in the cool, soft grass, afraid of where a thought might take me – as”. It is here that we see how calm he is in his posture (lying down). He is also pointing out detail again, although now from his physical point of view, indicating how relaxed he is that once again he can afford to focus on the details. Note how scared he is that this world of his might break and he would have to once again go back into reality. He perhaps is afraid of remembering his problems in reality, or the things that are causing him stress. “afraid of where a thought might take me” 8. The grasshopper is mentioned. “This grasshopper with the plated face unfolds his legs and finds himself in space” Note once again the detail in the plated face. 9. We see a repetition in the word “self” here. “Self under self, a pile of
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