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TDA 3.1
Fill in the gaps in the following paragraph using the words from below.

To communicate effectively with anyone, you need to speak clearly, using different pitch and tone to create interest. You should talk at a pace that is neither to slow or monotonous, nor so fast that others can’t understand it. It is important to know the stages of language development. You should also be aware that if you are working with a pupil with special needs, their communication development will be different; this could be for reasons such as autism, speech and language problems, or a hearing impairment.

In order to communicate effectively, think about both verbal and non-verbal methods, formal and informal. Remember that communication
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These are all things to look out for. When I see child Y like this i try to distract him first by talking about his chart and how well he is doing and if that does’t work I remove him from the class room and take him to the green room as he has been known to be very aggressive.

Depending on his moods depends what distraction method I use, sometimes I let him draw a picture and we talk at the same time and i slip in a few questions about what is upsetting him and making him sad. Other times I let him cool down in the sensory room or we just sit and talk. Sometimes he colours in a mood temperature gage and we talk about why he is feeling like he is and what can be done to turn it round. I try to let child Y thing of the solutions so he learns how different situations can be dealt with.

In the class room when Y is playing with other children if any of us notice him trying to boss these 3 other children around we try and get them all to do something different to try and prevent them from falling out.

At lunch times because he was always getting in trouble he knows stops inside with a few other children and makes paper aeroplanes and have races with them or they play with the cars for example and then at 12:45 he goes outside and plays football with a small group of children with one of the learning methods. Since this has happened we have seen a massive improvement in his behaviour and lunch times for him have been much better and because of
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